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Become a Foster/Adopt Family

You Can Help by Becoming a Foster/Adopt Family…

Daily, children in our community are being removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect or family crisis. These children need a safe place to stay until they can be reunited with their family.

If you enjoy children and are willing to share your home, time, energy and love consider becoming a foster parent. Foster parents come along side the children from “Hard Places” and help nurture, love and heal them from the trauma they have experienced.

The goal of the foster care system is to reunite children with their families whenever possible. Some children need a home for two days, two weeks, two months or two years. Unfortunately, at times the children cannot be reunited with family and they will need a new forever family through adoption. That could be you or another foster family interested in foster to adopt.

Please consider becoming a foster parent. If now is not a good time and you want to help these children please browse our website and support through volunteering, donating, giving financially and praying.

10 Questions for Parents Preparing to Adopt/Foster


  1. Are you willing to acknowledge and fully embrace your child’s history, including that which you know and that which you will likely never know?
  2. Are you willing to accept that your child has been affected by his/her history, possibly in profound ways, and as a result that you will need to parent your child in a way that exhibits true compassion and promotes connection and healing?
  3. Are you willing to parent differently than how you were parented, how you have parented in the past, or how your friends parent their children? Are you willing to “un-learn” certain parenting strategies and approaches that may not be effective with your child, even if you have used these strategies and approaches successfully with your other children in the past?
  4. Are you willing to educate yourself, your parents, family and friends on an ongoing basis in order to promote understanding of your child’s needs and how best to meet those needs?
  5. Are you willing to be misunderstood, criticized and even judged by others who do not understand your child’s history, the impacts of that history and how you have been called to love and connect with your child in order to help him/her heal and become all that God intends?
  6. Are you prepared to advocate for your child’s needs, including at school, church, in extracurricular settings and otherwise, in order to create predictability and promote environments that enable your child to feel safe and allow him/her to succeed?
  7. Are you willing to sacrifice your own convenience, expectations and desires in order to connect with your child and help him/her heal, even if that process is measured in years, not months?
  8. Are you willing to fully embrace your child’s holistic needs, including his/her physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs?
  9. Are you willing to seek ongoing support and maintain long-term connections with others who understand your journey and the challenges that you face? Are you willing to intentionally seek and accept help when you encounter challenges with your child that you are not equipped to adequately deal with?
  10. Are you willing to acknowledge that you as a parent bring a great deal to the equation when it comes to how your child will attach and connect? Are you willing to honestly examine (on an ongoing basis) your motivations and expectations relating to your adoption journey? Are you willing to look at your own past (including your past losses and trauma, both big and small) and consider how your past may impact your interactions with your child? Are you willing to consistently examine your role as parent as you experience challenges and difficulties along the journey?

Homes of Hope Release of Information Form

For Washington Residents

For Whitman County contact:
Kimberly Nelson
Recruiter Peer Mentor
Foster WA

For Asotin & Garfield County contact:
Ivy Warwick
Recruiter Peer Mentor/ Foster WA

Fostering WA Foster/Serve/Support
Contact: Mon Ra Muse – 509-359-6130 or 1-877-620-5748

You may also visit the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services website and learn how to become a foster parent.

Homes of Hope Release of Information Form

For Idaho Residents

The Idaho Child Welfare Research & Training Center (ICWRTC) is the physical center that supports Idaho children and families through partnering work between Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) Division of Family and Community Services (FACS) and Eastern Washington University (EWU).

Contact: Heather Johnson – 800-745-1186 or 208-676-1186 ext.3404

For more information contact Idaho Department of Health & Welfare:
Call 211 or

Foster Parent Support Group

1st Tuesday of every month EXCEPT July, August and December
– 6:30-8pm at Nazarene Church, 1700 8th St., Lewiston
– FREE Childcare

Join us for special training and info on Fostering and Adoption. Childcare available but you must pre-register, email us.

To find out this month’s training, time and information email us.