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Foster Parent Appreciation Mixer

RSVP by May 13th for Foster Parent Appreciation Mixer

Friday, May 20th 7:00-8:30




  • Homes of Hope (HOH) understands how challenging childcare can be so HOH is offering a Childcare Stipend (maximum of 5 hours and it includes ALL children (bio, foster or adopted) living in your home that need childcare at the rate of: One Child: $7.00 per hour Two Children: $8.00 per hour Three or more Children: $10 per hour) to the Foster Parent for the FP Appreciation Mixer!!!! The childcare person will be chosen by the Foster Parent and should be someone that the Foster Parent is confident will provide a safe and caring environment for the child and approved by the Social Worker if you have foster children.

    To be ELIGIBLE for the CHILDCARE STIPEND the request and form must be in by MAY 13th.
  • After approval, attendance confirmation and Childcare Reimbursement Form (will be sent to you after request and form is in) signed & returned by May 30th stating the hours the childcare provider worked and the amount of their payment from the foster parent then Homes of Hope will send Stipend reimbursement to the Foster Parent.


  • If you are more than 25 miles away One-Way from Moscow – transportation is available if needed. The Request and form must be in by MAY 13th!!