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What is Respite Care?

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is care provided to a foster or adopted child for a period of time by someone other than primary caregivers (i.e. foster parents, adoptive parents, kinship parents). Respite care gives foster, adoptive and kinship parents and children the chance to have periods of time apart in which they can rest and recharge. Day-to-day care for abused and neglected children is exhausting at times. Respite allows parents to: go on a date, connect with a friend, take a vacation, attend a training, attend to family emergencies or take a short nap. Providing respite can help prevent disruption, experiencing fatigue and burnout. Most importantly respite will promote family resilience and healthier (physically, mentally and spiritually) families. Respite is not only beneficial to the parent but also to the child. Respite promotes healing for our kids and molds the brain to be receptive to positive and healthy adults.

Myth Busters!

You don’t have to be married, have kids or own your own place to be a respite provider. You can be age 18-99 years old to be a respite provider. Homes of Hope wants to connect you to the kids and families we serve. Look at respite like “dipping” your toe in to this big thing called “Foster Care.”

What is the length of Respite Care?

It can be a few hours, a day or even more. For example: a doctor appointment, take a nap, go to a movie, week-end get-a-way or attend to family crisis (i.e. death, surgery, illness).

Where do you go to provide Respite Care?

Respite care can be done in the home of the foster adoptive family, your home or at facilities (i.e. daycare, gym, church) during special events where the respite providers are present to take care of the children.

Does the Respite Provider get to choose whom to respite?

Yes! We want you to be comfortable in providing care for the kids we serve. You have full control over your respite placement decisions. When a family needs assistance, we will call you and see if you have availability for the specific needs regarding the respite request. You can say yes or no. It’s always up to you!

What’s the Importance of Respite Care for Adopted Kids?

Most understand the relevance for respite care regarding kids in foster care. However, questions still remain why adopted children need respite care. They are in “Forever Families” that are with them for the long haul, right? Well, yes. Of course! However, just because the adoption papers are signed it doesn’t mean challenges, barriers and behaviors have miraculously disappeared. Also, the exhaustion and frustrations are still there for the adoptive parents caring for the abuse and/or neglected child.

How do I qualify and what is the process of Respite Care?

You must be 18 or older and pass a background screening. We will help refer you to training classes, licensing agencies if you want your home licensed and respite events that you can get involved in your community.